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I understand caddy uses a self signed ssl certificate now it’s been recommended to me that I it’s signed ssl certificate from a Certificate Authority CA because I run rocket chat server and rocket chat mobile are having issues connecting to the server through there mobile applications this change has been recommended by rocket chat support team
To implement the ssl certificate I plan on using the following guide

I just wanted to know if there was anything else I need to know about implementing a signed certificate on caddy like do I need to know more about mycert-chain I’m running two websites on caddy server this is why I’m asking happy to remove one of them if I have to anyone’s assistance or pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated just so you’re aware I couldn’t find configuration template when creating this topic could be something to do with me being legally blind or maybe cause I’m using my mobile phone while creating this topic likyive said anyone’s assistance would be greatly appreciated and one last question is it recommended I stop caddy before making changes to caddy’s configuration file then once finished making changes start caddy as I couldn’t find any information about my final question as always great collaborating with the caddy Comunity

Caddy only uses a self-signed certificate if you tell it to, or if you use a site address that cannot have a valid certificate (such as localhost or an IP address).

If you use a publicly accessible domain name as the site address in your Caddyfile, then Caddy will requisition a publicly valid HTTPS certificate.

You do not need to stop Caddy before making changes to your Caddyfile.

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