Caddy Community Website error on Google Chrome

I have been unable to use this site on Google Chrome, it does work in firefox without issue. I assume that this error in console has something do with it. Any suggestions? The website doesn’t scroll in chrome it feels almost like it froze it, because it disables all the URLS.

Refused to execute inline script because it violates the
 following Content Security Policy directive: 
"script-src 'sha256-hzxbmvze6p3mvhdzlfai9cumlh+qwx6bnt3qtwnpatg='".
Either the 'unsafe-inline' keyword, a hash ('sha256-HZxBMVZe6P3MvHDZlFai9cUmLH+qwX6BNT3qTwNPATg='), 
or a nonce ('nonce-...')
 is required to enable inline execution.

That’s probably the fault of a browser extension. It works fine for us. Try in incognito mode with no extensions enabled, for example.

You were correct, I can confirm that it was Wistia Video Downloader which was causing this issue on this site with chrome.

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