website certificate expired

Hi! I often receive “Certificate expired” error in my browser when trying to enter to website. However sometimes it works. For example at the moment I can’t connect directly from Germany, but if I use VPN via server in Australia it works fine. I think that some of your servers need certificate renewal. Please check. Thanks!

Thanks for the report, but the certificate was renewed on June 16.

Are you on Safari or iOS perchance?

Yes, I’m on Safari with MacOS and iOS. They say the certificate was valid from 16-Feb-2023 till 17-May-2023

I had that error on my brand new macbook as well (so it couldn’t have been something cached client-side) – I think it’s a bug in the HTTP3 server and was already fixed in Caddy 2.7 beta. (This site still runs 2.6.4, the latest stable.)

Ok, we’ll wait for 2.7 then)

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