Caddy Community Google OAuth broken?

I tried to sign up via Google OAuth, but got the following error. Might this be an issue with the login mechanism?

I think this may be a race condition with the new website. Try from

Yeah, how’d you get the new domain name? :wink:

Gimme another day or two to get all the properties transferred over.

Ah nevermind, I just went ahead and did the switch. You’ll have to log in again, sorry about that. But let me know if anything doesn’t work!

Works like a charm now, thank you :thumbsup:
By the way, I really like this forum software. Although the community forum is not served by Caddy :smile:

how’d you get the new domain name?

You posted it on Twitter :wink:

Great! Yeah, I like Discourse.

It actually is :wink: I wrote up this example after fronting Discourse with Caddy: examples/discourse at master · caddyserver/examples · GitHub

Well, ok. I was confused by the server: nginx header in the responses.

Caddy proxies into a Docker container that the software ships in, and inside that container, nginx serves Discourse which is in Ruby I believe.

Caddy’s auto-HTTPS just makes it so much easier to do this way.

That is strange that the server header doesn’t show Caddy too. It used to…

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Is Caddy deferring to the upstream {>server} instead of adding its own maybe?

I’m not sure, I haven’t had a chance to look into it. I don’t see anywhere in the code (at quick ‘Find’ glance) where the “Server” header would be removed. It sets it one of the first things in httpserver/server.go. I’ll have to investigate further (or someone else can if they want to).

I’m sure I remember a PR that changed a proxy from showing ‘caddy’ as the server to transparently showing the proxied server.

Can’t find it now though.

Hmm, maybe this one?