Caddy Commercial Licenses and Caddy v0.10.9

Read the announcement blog post for more information than this post has.

Version 0.10.9

Today, Caddy v0.10.9 is released, which includes an important fix for certificate renewals that was introduced in 0.10.6. Anyone using 0.10.6, 0.10.7, or 0.10.8 should upgrade within about 58 days from now. See the release notes. There’s also a few other bug fixes and a new feature that lets Caddy act as a QUIC reverse proxy!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release!

Commercial Licenses

In order to better serve businesses and continue sustaining development of the project long-term with its amazing growth and community, we’ve revised our product offering to include licenses for personal or commercial use. Personal use licenses are free and unlimited, as long as they are not used in a business setting or for commercial purposes. Commercial use licenses are billed annually per instance, at about 1/4 the cost of other popular web servers you’ve heard of. This low introductory price is a thank you to our existing user base for trying Caddy early. We really appreciate how you’ve helped make it – and the Web – better already!

Customers also get access to private plugin hosting on our build server, perfect for deploying Caddy with proprietary plugins into your infrastructure.

To be clear, Caddy is still open source, and the source code is still Apache licensed. The EULA applies to official binaries downloaded from our website.

See the blog post for more information.


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