Caddy as a whole architecture consideration for k8s

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I wanna understand if my primary web service architecture is based on k8s, how should I consider to fit caddy in? The whole automatic https feature looks amazing, but I think I need a way to understand the entire fit in given caddy seems not designed to be running on k8s as a primary deployment scenario just yet.

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Kubernetes (Google Cloud)

You could use GitHub - caddyserver/ingress: WIP Caddy 2 ingress controller for Kubernetes which is community maintained. It doesn’t unlock Caddy’s full potential, but it’s one way to have an ingress proxy with Caddy’s automated certs.

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My concern is if the ingress is not an official offering this will have a lot of upgrade hiccups, so I am kinda asking more about large use cases who used caddy together with k8s what is the usual deployment approach?

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