Caddy Ansible modules

Hello, I thought this Ansible collection might be useful for those using Caddy and Ansible.

I’m not the author of it but as I saw some old topic from @skyfaller asking for Caddy ansible modules I thought it might be worth posting here, unfortunately I couldn’t reply to that old topic since it’s locked (Ansible module for Caddy v2?)


Role Description
caddy_server Install the caddy server on your hosts.


Module Description
caddy_load Load a new config into Caddy
caddy_config_info Retrieve Caddys current configuration for a given path
caddy_config Create or update Caddys configuration for a given path

Neat! I’ve linked to it from that old topic so searchers can find their way here. Thanks for sharing!

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I’d also like to share an Ansible role I’ve been working on recently which deploys Caddy in a Docker container: GitHub - dbrennand/ansible-role-caddy-docker: Ansible role to deploy Caddy in a Docker container.

I’m using it for my Homelab but thought it’s worth posting as others may find it helpful too :slight_smile:

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