Caddy and tailscale assistance

1. Output of caddy version:

caddy version → (devel)
installed on alpine with pkgs:
caddy-2.5.2-r4 x86_64 {caddy} (Apache-2.0) [installed]
caddy-openrc-2.5.2-r4 x86_64 {caddy} (Apache-2.0) [installed]

tailscale version:

  tailscale commit: AlpineLinux
  go version: go1.18.7```

## 2. How I run Caddy:
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caddy run

using this Caddyfile:

root * /var/www

a. System environment:

os: Alpine Linux 3.16
OpenRC for caddy service

b. Command:

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c. Service/unit/compose file:

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d. My complete Caddy config:

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3. The problem I’m having:

pull the cert created by 'tailscale cert' for use by caddy, no ??? HTTPS Certs
has been enabled in tailscale.```

``It's always giving a 404 error and telling me its using a self-signed cert , cert
shows TRAEFIK_DEFAULT_CERT , so i suspect tailscale not providing the relevant certificate issued to as provided by 'tailscale cert'```

### 4. Error messages and/or full log output:
    Please DO NOT REDACT any information except credentials. Leave domain names intact!
    Please DO NOT POST TRUNCATED LOG LINES as systemd is notorious for this.
    Please USE THIS COMMAND TO VIEW LOGS with systemd:
        $ journalctl -u caddy --no-pager | less +G`
    Please DO NOT USE WEB BROWSERS. Use `curl -v` instead.
    Please ENABLE DEBUG MODE FIRST by adding "debug" to the global options of your Caddyfile.

Don;t seem to be getting the log syntax correct , don’t see relevant logs anywhere

5. What I already tried:

6. Links to relevant resources:

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That’s an outdated version. Latest is v2.6.2. You might need to upgrade to the latest version of Alpine to get it.

I updated Alpine to 3.17 which updated caddy to 2.6.2 , my issue is basically
using this Caddyfile {
  root * /var/www

when i goto in a browser i get a 404 error
and the certificate is from TRAEFIK_DEFAULT_CERT. (self-signed cert , from caddy ??)

but when i use this Caddyfile {
  root * /var/www

everything works, i get the correct certificate ( the one created by doing ‘tailscale cert’ on that machine, i’m running caddy as “root”.

any idea why ???

If you’re seeing Traefik, it’s not Caddy.

Are you sure port 443 is forwarded to the correct machine? Sounds like you’re hitting some other server.

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