Caddy and support for v2ray transports

v2ray is a platform for building proxies to bypass network restrictions. It has support for multiple modes of transport; including:


I was able to put caddy in front of v2ray (as TLS server and reverse proxy to v2ray) and get it to work but only for Websocket transport. Can caddy pass other modes of transport too?

Caddy’s standard distribution ships an HTTP server and proxy (including WebSockets which is HTTP). gRPC should also work fine but you’d need to proxy h2c (HTTP/2 cleartext) for that to work, see the docs. QUIC is UDP, and TCP is raw TCP so those will not work with vanilla Caddy’s proxy. You could use GitHub - mholt/caddy-l4: Layer 4 (TCP/UDP) app for Caddy for that though.

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