Caddy and Django

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I’m trying to get Caddy to use my Django project. Even finding documentation for Caddy with Python is difficult to find.
I haven’t tried anything so far

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Try the example: - this repo is even linked to by the Caddy docs.

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Wow it Matt himself. Seen part of your video in Caddy. I really enjoyed your presentation skills. You were a great speaker!

But yeah, I’m not sure how to do steps 3 and 4 on the example and I’m not sure what project.wsgi is.

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Step 3 is proxying from Caddy to gunicorn. From the gunicorn docs:

-b BIND, --bind=BIND - Specify a server socket to bind.

So we know based on the example gunicorn command that it’s listening on port :8000 on the address We’ll need to proxy to it - check out the usage of the proxy directive in the example Caddyfile at

If your setup is more complex than that you’ll need to modify that appropriately, as well as the gunicorn launch.

project.wsgi is Django’s default output; check out the docs here:

There’s even some gunicorn-specific deployment documentation for Django here:

If you follow that, the rest is simply putting Caddy in front and proxying everything back.

I have to admit I’m confused by step 4 as well. I’d read “statics and medias” as images, CSS, JS, video, etc; with all requests going to gunicorn, though, I’d expect it to be handled there (it’s not like Caddy will serve anything on this site label anyway, with the proxy / sending everything upstream).

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