Caddy and Cloudflare Authentication

I am trying to renew my SSL certificate from Cloudflare, but when I run caddy -log stderr I get the following warning: “Cloudflare credentials missing”. I have my email and API key but I have not been able to find instructions on where I need to add these items in order for my certificate to renew.

In my caddyfile, I have:
tls {
dns cloudflare

Hi @officialJCReyes, welcome to the Caddy community!

The instructions you’re looking for are here:

[…] You will also need to set environment variables with your account credentials:

Provider Name Environmental Variables to Set

Hi Matt, thanks for the prompt reply. I should have been more clear, where do I set the environment variables?

That’s highly dependent on the environment you’re deploying Caddy in.

Assuming you’re on one of the common flavours of Linux, the simplest way would be to type and CLOUDFLARE_API_KEY=123xyz in the shell before running Caddy.

If you plan to use an init system to run Caddy for you, you’ll need to make sure it handles setting the variables - again, depends highly on the system you use.

I’m running caddy on Windows 10

Check the “Assignment” section of the above linked Wikipedia entry, it has a section for Windows.

I think there’s also a GUI somewhere in the control panel to set environmental variables, but I don’t recall where. You might want to Google it.

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