Caddy 413 error with limits

(Rubyj) #1


I have a django app deployed with caddy as a reverse proxy to daphne. I am trying to upload a file to django (served with Caddy) and I am receiving a 413 error. I have even put

limits 750000000

in my Caddyfile but I am still receiving the error. Any ideas? I do not receive this same error when I upload the file using the server deployed with Django in debug mode. However, when the server is running with caddy in non-debug mode caddy is returning me a 413 error even thought limits is set.

(Stanislas) #2

I am also searching how to increase the body size limit with Caddy.

(Magikstm) #3

What are your entire caddyfiles?

By default Caddy shouldn’t have limits.


By default, there is no size limit.