Caddy 2 with windows

Just a quick question how do I go about installing Caddy 2 in windows.
I have tried looking at the install section but theres nothing there.
Thank you.

Do you mean Windows Server? If so, I do not know.

If you mean your own Windows computer for development, there is really no install process. Caddy is a static binary. Just download it and run it.

Re: Windows Server - entirely up to you, much like with a personal Windows computer.

I like to put it in C:\caddy\caddy.exe. and add C:\caddy to path, but that’s me.

You can put it anywhere as long as you refer to the correct location when you add it to the scheduler (or whatever service supervisor you use, I like NSSM).

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Can I use my same Caddy file or will this need completely redoing.

The v2 Caddyfile is similar to v1, but not backwards-compatible. (I’m currently making significant improvements to the v2 Caddyfile, which is why our new docs site doesn’t have documentation for it yet.) It’ll probably be the last thing done before the release candidates.

On this, I thought I needed a bit more clear answer.

In Caddy v2, the start is caddy run or caddy start.
In other words, on Windows, you cannot click and launch caddy.exe. :tired_face:
This simple solution is to create a shortcut.

For example, if you put it in C:\caddy\caddy.exe, this shortcut’s target is:

C:\caddy\caddy.exe run

Add options if you need. and If necessary, copy it to startup.
Also, if you do this, you do not need to add the caddy folder to the path.
(Of course, if your friend is PowerShell or Git Bash, go to the path)

I put Caddy, a shortcut and web root on Dropbox.
That is, even if the main PC goes down, I can quickly continue Caddy on the sub PC.

This will show a window, but if you close that window, Caddy will stop.
This window is proof that Caddy is working.