Caddy 2 release candidate 3

:tada: I’m pleased to announce that Caddy 2 release candidate 3 is now available! This should be the final pre-release version unless a critical fix requires significant changes. No more changes are anticipated except minor docs improvements or internal tweaks. Everyone should upgrade, test their config, and deploy it into production.

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Release candidates are production-ready but it means we are reserving another cycle for last-minute bug fixes based on feedback from all of you. So please test it out, then deploy it into production, and let us know how it goes. We’d love to know when it’s working well just as much as when it’s not. :+1:

Thank you!


RC 3 works really well and stable for me, well done!

Is there already a schedule for the 2.0.0 release? As far as I can see, you keep adding commits – are they going to be in 2.0.0 or are you just waiting if there are any major issues so that you can release RC 3 as 2.0.0 and then continue on with 2.0.1 with the new changes? Or what is the plan?

Glad to hear it!

Most the commits since RC3 have been bug fixes, test/CI enhancements, or doc changes. There’s one more PR I might get in before v2 to fix some issues with logging. I’ve been constantly running HEAD in production for a few weeks now (but my use cases are more limited than everyone else’s combined, of course – so please test it out in production!) to make sure things are working.

Unless the higher-ups say otherwise, I am hoping to tag v2.0.0 next Monday or Tuesday.

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Awesome! I’ll be ready with the Homebrew formula. :slight_smile:

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Actually I’ve been meaning to ask you about that. Is there any way we can adopt that in to officially maintain it? Or bring you into our dev Slack and move any resources necessary for it into the caddyserver org on GitHub?

homebrew is kinda community maintained, you can update version with one simple command by yourself, it will automatically create PR. if you want to have own tap (which doesn’t make sense unless you have many products which you want to maitain.)

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What @Andrey_Izotov wrote: Once the formula is published, updates and necessary changes are very simple to make by anyone.

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