Caddy 2 not built for i386?

I’m guessing that the omission of i386 from the pre-built architectures in the download area is not an oversight. (I do wonder whether i386 is really less popular than some of the MIPS or PPC variants, but that’s an aside, and my gut feeling is possibly quite wrong.)

But, for those of us that have been very happily running websites on older hardware, and now need to upgrade to caddy 2, it would be nice to still have that download option. Any chance of i386 being brought back?

In absence of that, a couple of suggestions for making that regression less painful: a) Call it out early in the upgrade notes that i386 is no longer directly supported, and b) give specific instructions for building one’s own i386 binary. (I’ve found the cross-build instructions, but will need to search further to find the proper GOARCH value.

(who has never built a Go application, and hopes it will be as painless as advertised. :wink:

As someone who builds go programs a lot, their website will be helpful for building your own binary.

As for cross-compiling, this is a list of the values you can use to cross-compile.

Also, xcaddy should be a useful tool if you have to go installed on your personal machine. If you have Linux, it should be as simple as installing the golang package from your package manager, if you have windows, head over to go’s website (linked above) and download the MSI installer and then build caddy from source according to these docs


Caddy does not require cgo (and actively avoids dependencies that would cause it to be required). Some plugins might though, but ideally they shouldn’t.


Thanks for the clarification, will edit my post to clear that up

Also, instructions for using xcaddy are here:

I think your command would look like this, if I’m not mistaken:

GOOS=linux GOARCH=386 xcaddy build

The list of supported OS/arch combinations are here:

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yeah i just updated my post with the link

Thank you both. I did manage to muddle my way through all that yesterday, partly with the help of that same list of GOOS and GOARCH values that came up while googling. Also had to figure out how to use snap for the first time (I’m on ubuntu, and go version 1.14 and above aren’t available any other way). snap was easy, but realizing that I couldn’t find go because /snap/bin wasn’t in my PATH was the part that took me a while. Sigh. Sure would have been nice if i386 were one of the pre-built caddy versions. ; - )


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