Caddy 2 beta 17 now available!

Caddy 2.0 beta 17 is now available and ready for your field testing! This is the best release yet! I’m already using it in production. Are you? If not, let’s talk about what needs to happen to make that possible.

This is the first release to use HTTPS for every site, including local sites. See the automatic HTTPS docs to learn more.

Did you know we have a working NGINX config adapter? It can turn (most of) NGINX configs into a Caddy config. Build Caddy with it plugged in, and try it out!

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Note that beta versions are unstable: they are not yet feature-complete and may have breaking changes. Please try it out and help make it better (file issues, submit changes, etc.) so that we can get to release candidates as soon as possible; we need your feedback and participation in the code review process!

As Friday the 13th would have it, beta 16 was tagged, but plagued by a bad rebase or two, along with CI tests that mysteriously disappeared around the same time, so a lot of things weren’t caught. Don’t use it. Beta 17 is the hotfix for beta 16.


Unfortunately, I downloaded beta 16 and each failed to caddy run. I was preparing to report it.
At that time, I was aware of the release of beta 17 and downloaded it immediately.
It works! (beta 17 can be started even if the configuration file is changed in beta 16)

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