caddy 2.8.4 build error

  1. synology 7.2 docker

  2. caddy 2.8.4 build

  3. [
    FROM caddy:2.8.4-builder-alpine AS builder
    RUN xcaddy build \
    –with GitHub - caddy-dns/cloudflare: Caddy module: dns.providers.cloudflare

FROM caddy:2.8.4
COPY --from=builder /usr/bin/caddy /usr/bin/caddy

  1. docker build -t caddy-cloudflare:2.8.4-alpine .

  2. build error
    {“level”:“warn”,“ts”:1719994417.1589732,“msg”:“failed to set GOMAXPROCS”,“error”:“open /sys/fs/cgroup/cpu/cpu.cfs_quota_us: no such file or directory”}

What is the solution?

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You post has messed up formatting, so it’s really hard to follow what you’re trying to say.

That’s not an error log you showed though, it’s a warning ("level":"warn"). You can ignore that. Basically this is Caddy trying to limit itself to a certain amount of maximum processes but wasn’t able to. No biggie.

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