Caddy 2.5 released!

Caddy 2.5 is finally here! This has been almost a year in the making since v2.4, with the last patch release almost 6 months ago. Caddy 2.5 is the best Caddy release yet!

This is a huge milestone and we couldn’t have done it without your help, thank you for the many who contributed to this release, especially maintainers and helpers like @francislavoie and @Mohammed90. You da real MVPs.

Caddy relies on sponsors

Did you know that Caddy is my day job? And now I support a family of five. :sweat_smile: If your company or its customers use Caddy, sponsorships are crucial to keeping the project maintained and developed. There’s some great benefits available for your team, and we greatly appreciate your support/business! Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions or want to customize your sponsorship.

Thank you to all current sponsors who make this possible, especially ZeroSSL (our executive sponsor). We look forward to serving you!


Any word on when the copr repos will receive the update? Both the EL7/EL8 repos still have 2.4.6 as the latest

@carlwgeorge is working on the COPR build

FYI @gardar COPR is updated with v2.5.0 (except openSUSE, needs extra attention)


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