Caddy 2.5.2 released

Hi everyone, Caddy v2.5.2 has been released and is now recommended for all users! It contains many bug fixes, new features, and enhancements to existing features!

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

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So the download page is still downloading 2.5.1. I normally override this by using this command:
As I want to build it with the dns plugin. But I am getting a return like this
{“status_code”:400,“error”:{“message”:“unable to fulfill download request”,“id”:“2ab09d35-fc28-4d3a-a685-9a04033316a2”}}
What am I doing wrong?
EDIT: just built with xcaddy a PITA. Still like to know why it failed. Also would be great if the download page on the site sjhowed which version it is going to download.

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Hmm, currently investigating why that fails. Please hold.

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Ah… dang, I kind of thought this issue was behind us, or taken care of upstream, but I guess not:

caddy imports imports imports imports imports ambiguous import: found package in multiple modules: v0.0.0-20200503195918-621b933c7a7f (/var/lib/caddy/go/pkg/mod/ v0.0.0-20220418222510-f25a4f6275ed (/var/lib/caddy/go/pkg/mod/!go/antlr@v0.0.0-20220418222510-f25a4f6275ed)

It was a whole long thing:

So it turns out, the problem sucks and it’s really an issue with how Go dependency management works.

Here are the solutions we ultimately came up with:

  • All Caddy plugins need to reference v2.5.2+ in their go.mod files
  • Or, xcaddy v0.3.0+ needs to be used

I re-confirmed the first solution works by upgrading lego-deprecated to use Caddy v2.5.2. But that’s only 1 plugin. The build server was running an older version of xcaddy, which I just upgraded. So that should fix things for every plugin on our build server.

@DavidFW1960 Your download should work now. Sorry for the trouble, it was a busy day.

Thanks to @francislavoie and @Mohammed90 and other collaborators who keep track of things so well, this was quite easy to fix.


Thanks Matt… That indeed fixed it

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