Caddy 2.5.1 released

Hi everyone, Caddy v2.5.1 has been released and is now recommended for all users! It contains some bug fixes and some neat enhancements to the reverse proxy that enable forward authentication:

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Caddy relies on sponsors

Did you know that Caddy is my day job? And now I support a family of five. :sweat_smile: If your company or its customers use Caddy, sponsorships are crucial to keeping the project maintained and developed. There’s some great benefits available for your team, and we greatly appreciate your support/business! Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions or want to customize your sponsorship.


Is there normally a lag when a release happens? I downloaded a new binary from the build server and it still says 2.5.0.

If I caddy upgrade on my binary, it still shows 2.5.0 as well.

Oops, I forgot to purge the build cache. (I really need to fix that.) Just did that, so it should download the latest version now.

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Thanks for the quick fix as I can see the upgrade works as expected.


Real reaction to finding out Caddy now has forward auth support.

(Sorry firecow - I’m sure your forward-auth module was going to be fantastic but when I went to try it last, you’d only released it about a week before lol) :heart:


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