Caddy 2.4 released

Announcing our first stable release in 2021: Caddy 2.4 ushers in over 110 commits with patches, fixes, and new features.

New content for sponsors

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Thank you for your ongoing support! It will allow me to continue working on Caddy full-time.


Great to see the final release coming so quickly!

There is one specific commit I’m very interested in to test #4152 Shutting down Caddy or reloading a config takes a long time so I usually kill -9 caddy. Reading hangs-on-reload confirmed my feelings it’s due existing connections. Only the my frontend Caddy suffers from this which has multiple clients constantly connecting on a slow connection and thus keeping Caddy busy all the time. #4152 Hopefully fixes this :sunglasses: :+1:@francislavoie


Thank you for the updates! With the release of Caddy 2.4, will this be available from the Copr Cady repository anytime soon?

Yes, but COPR releases are maintained separately, by @carlwgeorge

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