Caddy 2.4.5 released!

This is a patch release for several bugs. It is a hotfix for v2.4.4, which includes the majority of the commits. Please read the release notes before upgrading, and enjoy the improvements! Thanks to all who contributed, especially @francislavoie and @Mohammed90.

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I just noticed that caddy upgrade from 2.4.3 to 2.4.5 doesn’t appear to work.

root@wp-basil:~ # caddy upgrade
2021/09/07 12:22:52.796 INFO    this executable will be replaced        {"path": "/usr/local/bin/caddy"}
2021/09/07 12:22:52.796 INFO    requesting build        {"os": "freebsd", "arch": "amd64", "packages": []}
2021/09/07 12:22:53.630 INFO    build acquired; backing up current executable   {"current_path": "/usr/local/bin/caddy", "backup_path": "/usr/local/bin/caddy.tmp"}
2021/09/07 12:22:53.630 INFO    downloading binary      {"source": "", "destination": "/usr/local/bin/caddy"}
2021/09/07 12:23:05.490 INFO    download successful; displaying new binary details      {"location": "/usr/local/bin/caddy"}

Module versions:

admin.api.load v2.4.3
admin.api.metrics v2.4.3
admin.api.reverse_proxy v2.4.3
caddy.adapters.caddyfile v2.4.3
caddy.config_loaders.http v2.4.3
caddy.listeners.tls v2.4.3
caddy.logging.encoders.console v2.4.3
caddy.logging.encoders.filter v2.4.3
caddy.logging.encoders.filter.delete v2.4.3
caddy.logging.encoders.filter.ip_mask v2.4.3
caddy.logging.encoders.filter.replace v2.4.3
caddy.logging.encoders.json v2.4.3
caddy.logging.encoders.single_field v2.4.3
caddy.logging.writers.discard v2.4.3
caddy.logging.writers.file v2.4.3 v2.4.3
caddy.logging.writers.stderr v2.4.3
caddy.logging.writers.stdout v2.4.3 v2.4.3
http v2.4.3
http.authentication.hashes.bcrypt v2.4.3
http.authentication.hashes.scrypt v2.4.3
http.authentication.providers.http_basic v2.4.3
http.encoders.gzip v2.4.3
http.encoders.zstd v2.4.3
http.handlers.acme_server v2.4.3
http.handlers.authentication v2.4.3
http.handlers.encode v2.4.3
http.handlers.error v2.4.3
http.handlers.file_server v2.4.3
http.handlers.headers v2.4.3 v2.4.3
http.handlers.metrics v2.4.3
http.handlers.push v2.4.3
http.handlers.request_body v2.4.3
http.handlers.reverse_proxy v2.4.3
http.handlers.rewrite v2.4.3
http.handlers.static_response v2.4.3
http.handlers.subroute v2.4.3
http.handlers.templates v2.4.3
http.handlers.vars v2.4.3
http.matchers.expression v2.4.3
http.matchers.file v2.4.3
http.matchers.header v2.4.3
http.matchers.header_regexp v2.4.3 v2.4.3
http.matchers.method v2.4.3
http.matchers.not v2.4.3
http.matchers.path v2.4.3
http.matchers.path_regexp v2.4.3
http.matchers.protocol v2.4.3
http.matchers.query v2.4.3
http.matchers.remote_ip v2.4.3
http.matchers.vars v2.4.3
http.matchers.vars_regexp v2.4.3 v2.4.3
http.precompressed.gzip v2.4.3
http.precompressed.zstd v2.4.3
http.reverse_proxy.selection_policies.cookie v2.4.3
http.reverse_proxy.selection_policies.first v2.4.3
http.reverse_proxy.selection_policies.header v2.4.3
http.reverse_proxy.selection_policies.ip_hash v2.4.3
http.reverse_proxy.selection_policies.least_conn v2.4.3
http.reverse_proxy.selection_policies.random v2.4.3
http.reverse_proxy.selection_policies.random_choose v2.4.3
http.reverse_proxy.selection_policies.round_robin v2.4.3
http.reverse_proxy.selection_policies.uri_hash v2.4.3
http.reverse_proxy.transport.fastcgi v2.4.3
http.reverse_proxy.transport.http v2.4.3
pki v2.4.3
tls v2.4.3
tls.certificates.automate v2.4.3
tls.certificates.load_files v2.4.3
tls.certificates.load_folders v2.4.3
tls.certificates.load_pem v2.4.3
tls.certificates.load_storage v2.4.3
tls.handshake_match.remote_ip v2.4.3
tls.handshake_match.sni v2.4.3
tls.issuance.acme v2.4.3
tls.issuance.internal v2.4.3
tls.issuance.zerossl v2.4.3
tls.stek.distributed v2.4.3
tls.stek.standard v2.4.3

  Standard modules: 83

  Non-standard modules: 0

  Unknown modules: 0

v2.4.3 h1:Y1FaV2N4WO3rBqxSYA8UZsZTQdN+PwcoOcAiZTM8C0I=

2021/09/07 12:23:05.567 INFO    upgrade successful; please restart any running Caddy instances  {"executable": "/usr/local/bin/caddy"}
root@wp-basil:~ # service caddy restart
Stopping caddy... done
Starting caddy... done
Log: /var/log/caddy/caddy.log
root@wp-basil:~ # caddy version
v2.4.3 h1:Y1FaV2N4WO3rBqxSYA8UZsZTQdN+PwcoOcAiZTM8C0I=

The workaround is to download the binary directly.

@basil that’s because Matt hasn’t reset the build cache on the build yet server (Download Caddy) so it’s still serving builds of v2.4.3. We haven’t automated clearing the build cache yet on new releases, but that’s probably something we should do because we keep forgetting about it.

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@matt just a reminder to reset the build cache when you have some time. With multiple Caddy instances, it’s clumsy to upgrade any other way.

Am traveling back from a conference in France, will do so after I’ve arrived. And slept. :sleeping:


Yes, I’ve been following your movements on Twitter. Seems you’ve had a very productive time. Well done!

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Build cache has been cleared.


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