Caddy 2.2 RC 1 is now available - please try it out!

This is the release candidate of Caddy 2.2, meaning we think it’s good enough to release but we want you to double-check before the final tag!

Notably, this release replaces lego (our old ACME library for 5 years) with ACMEz which reduces build dependencies, improves performance, and increases efficiency at scale.

:newspaper: Release notes and Download :arrow_down:

Work is ongoing to reduce Caddy binary sizes and to improve build reliability. We’re trying to eliminate dependencies, but most of them are very indirect and will require cooperation with or replacing upstream libraries (as we did with lego → ACMEz).

At this point, we hope to continue improving documentation + filling out our community wiki (you can help!) as work begins on the next major project: remote fleet management and admin UI.

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