Caddy 0.9 Released

After more than 6 months on the 0.8 branch, Caddy 0.9 is now available!

Thanks to everyone who contributed and donated to make this possible!

Note that a few plugins are not yet available on Caddy 0.9; we’re waiting on the authors to make them compatible with 0.9. Instructions to do that are on the project wiki.

If you use the download page, you may notice that some builds will take a few minutes before the download begins. That’s normal; we’re still on economy machines but I think in the near future we’ll ramp up CPU power. And Go 1.7 will also decrease build time a little bit.

3 Likes is only giving me caddy_0.8.3 :frowning:

Never mind, I just realized it said Backing up /usr/local/bin/caddy to /usr/local/bin/caddy_0.8.3
Silly me!

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Caddy 0.9 is now at Hacker News first page:

There’s some discussion and questions about Caddy.