Caddy 0.9 Does not allow cookie path/domain rewrite

Caddyfile {
        proxy / localhost:8080
        rewrite {
                to /internal/{uri}

The problem is that I the upstream server sets the cookie to “/internal” path, whereas the downstream client is accessing “/”.

With apache I can use something like ProxyPassReverseCookiePath to solve that. Is it possible to do the same in caddy too?

Well, I’ve never even heard of ProxyPassReverseCookiePath before. :confused:

You can try without /internal in your proxy directive but I am not sure if that will work…

Java ee servers allow deployment of multiple web applications in the same port, but only one can be deployed to root “/”. Then the others have a different “context”. In my example, this is “/internal”. So if I access my java ee server I have to go through “/internal/something…”. But when I configure caddy I put that “context” inside a virtual server, so now I can serve through caddy at root path “/” but redirect to the “/internal” to the upstream server. The problem is that the server isolates contexts sessions and uses cookies for that, in this case, setting a cookie under the “/internal” path. So, you will have a huge market of users who will use caddy if cookie path/domain can be rewritten just like URLs to the upstream server.

I don’t have the time to implement this right now, but perhaps somebody else will.

I see you’ve found a work-around to your issue so I’m just linking to it from here in case others have the same question in the meantime!

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