Caddy 0.11 Released

Today I’m pleased to announce that Caddy 0.11 is released, which fixes a leaky file descriptor bug in the proxy middleware, and implements an optional telemetry client!

Check out our new stats page that shows some basic information about Caddy usage globally – it updates in near-real-time as updates come in – and you can look up your own instances, too.

You may also be interested in the telemetry docs.

Download Caddy 0.11 now! And don’t forget to enable telemetry if you want to view stats about your instance or participate in global Internet research.


Sorry if I missed the information somewhere, but is there a way yet to activate telemetry when installing Caddy using the one-step installer script ?

Not yet. It’ll probably be an environment variable. I’ll try to do that soon.


I just updated it to take the env variable $CADDY_TELEMETRY. Can you test it out? Try export CADDY_TELEMETRY=on to enable it. You should see something in the process log when Caddy starts that it successfully emitted telemetry.


I have this error right now :

Aborted, error 23 in command: curl -fsSL "$caddy_asc" -u "$CADDY_ACCOUNT_ID:$CADDY_API_KEY" -o "$dl.asc"

Hmm… did you set the CADDY_TELEMETRY variable?

Yes, unless I did a mistake somewhere. Is there a strict way to do it ?

I used my .zshrc file since I’m using ZSH. And I tried to echo the variable and it worked fine.

Huh. Well, it’s working here… curl exit code 23 means:

CURLE_WRITE_ERROR (23) An error occurred when writing received data to a local file, or an error was returned to libcurl from a write callback.

So it probably means you don’t have write permissions to the /usr/local/bin folder or something.

Strange, I tried using sudo, so I don’t think it’s a permission issue. :thinking:

Maybe it has something to do with the personnel licence ? I don’t have a Caddy account or key and maybe it’s linked to the issue ?

I can confirm that this worked for me.

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How can I access the collected telemetry data as a site owner? Is there an endpoint that provides this data that I can poll? The documentation lists insights as a benefit but fails to mention how to gain these insights :slight_smile:

For now, you can use to look up your instance’s data for the last day or so.