Caddy 0.10 Released + New Website + New Build Server

Today we made 5 announcements:

  1. Caddy is being sustained by Light Code Labs, LLC - and we have new product offerings for businesses who like Caddy or use Caddy and want the guarantee of continued development and support. You can purchase either a Sponorship or the Engineering Package (or both). See the pricing page for details!

  2. Caddy has a new look and a new website. Hope you like it!

  3. With the new website, a new build server which enables plugin authors to be able to deploy updates to their plugins at will, rather than waiting days or weeks for me to do it manually. It also supports push-button Caddy releases, so releasing Caddy isn’t a half-day project anymore: Caddy releases can be smaller and more frequent.

  4. Caddy 0.10 is released! Default timeouts have been disabled again, HTTP/2 server push is working, and lots of other great improvements/features. Read the Caddy 0.10 release notes here.

  5. Milestones have been announced for Caddy 0.11, 0.12, and 1.0 (and very tentative ideas for 2.0 depending on things). These will be available in more detail on GitHub shortly.

Be sure to read (or skim, I know how it is) all three new blog posts from today!