Binding whole server to a specific IP

  • explain what you are trying to do,
    Make caddy serve only 1 specific interface/IP

  • show what you have already tried,
    tried using bind, but that seems to be only per site

Baically even i in DNS have pointing to IP, I don’t want caddy to respond at all.
Only on whatever hosts thats defined where DNS points to IP

As of now, if I try to browse to it tells me that caddy isnt serving on this interface.
So more a server/service level bind.

Hi @Bidoof, welcome to the Caddy community.

You were on the money with bind. Unfortunately there’s no global equivalent of the directive that I know of. You’ll need to specify it for each site you want to bind.

Ok :confused: Was hoping there was a bind option to add to the startup of caddy (systemctl) or so.
If nobody else know of this, then maybe that should be a feature request :slight_smile:

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