Basicauth in front of kibana

hi all,

iam using caddy2 as reverse Proxy.

everytrhing is workin like a charm.

i do have a Kibana (ELK-Stack) behind the reverse Proxy.

i want to enable basicauth against the reverse proxy, and if authentication is successfull it should proxy to kibana.

The Problem iam having:

caddy forwards the authentication token to kibana, but kibana has its own authentication and therefore it tells me Unauthorized since the basicauth user is only available to caddy. is there a way to not forward the authentication header to the backend?

At the end of the Day i want to have “dual Auth” 1st BasicAuth against reverse Proxy
2nd: Normal Auth from Kibana.

config: {
        @notLocal {
        not remote_ip
        basicauth @notLocal {
                keim JDJhJDEwJHV2akerSnhyRMNOcHFLUzgyQUxPZS5sd01XN2ljYW16RVNhVU1DZGYzT3pBdEVVTmNuN1Au
        reverse_proxy * {
                header_up X-Real-IP {remote_host}
                header_up X-Forwarded-Proto {scheme}
                header_up Access-Control-Allow-Origin *
                header_up Access-Control-Allow-Credentials true
                header_up Access-Control-Allow-Headers Cache-Control,Content-Type
                transport http {
                        read_buffer 8192

so far,

I’ve edited your post for you to fix the code block, you need to use backticks, i.e. ```, not single quotes, i.e. ‘’’.

To delete a header before sending the request upstream, you can use the following:

header_up -Authorization

Note the - before the header name, this indicates that it should be removed. I’m not certain this will do what you need though, if your upstream uses the Authorization header as a gate, then you’ll still not be able to login. You’ll likely need to disable the authentication on your upstream in that case.

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