Basic directions for creating index.html using markdown?

I did try to get caddy to serve my markdown files as my "initial’ index.html, but don’t seem to be able to get it to work. I did the following in my caddyfile:
browse /myfile
root /var/www
markdown / {
ext md

I tried the templatey things, but kept getting 404’s. Im trying to make this markdown file my ‘root’ index.html when someone goes to the site:

# My Public RPM Repo
This repository contains public components for xxx. compoentscomponents.

## Security updates
Security updates and new versions are reguarly postedtemplatey things

## For questions or concerns:
please send concerns to ***'he at @ me / dot. com'***

Not sure what things are supposed to be ‘on top’. I ddi add the +++ and tried the — things, but still dont’ get a working index.html page.

Any ideas?

You’ve specified that the Markdown extension is md but your file is (apparently?) called index.html, so it won’t be processed as markdown.

All you need is simply the word markdown in your Caddyfile and a file called (or whatever).

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