AWS/Route53 Configuration with Caddy

First off… Merry Christmas everyone!! :slight_smile:

After a fair amount of pain and suffering I have figured out the challenge I am having with my wildcard certificates using AWS/Route53 and I think it will be simple for a Caddy/Linux expert to help me with.

When I run Caddy as a root user:

sudo /usr/bin/caddy run --environ --config /home/deploy/caddy.json

It can find the AWS credentials.

When I run it as a service, like this:

sudo systemctl start caddy-api.service

…it cannot find the credentials and always throws a NoCredentialProviders error.

The reason this was hard to find is if I run:

caddy environ

It appears that Caddy can see the environment variables (AWS_SECRET_KEY_ID etc)

So the question: How do I make sure Caddy can see my AWS configuration when running it as a service??

I’d love to get this sorted out as I have been having to return to using Nginx so my core site [1] works but I lose the awesome secure subdomain solution Caddy provides.

Thanks for any tips and again… Happy holidays!!



Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:

When you run a service, it has a different environment than your shell. You need to configure the service with its own environment. Here’s a stackexchange answer that can help:

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