Automatic HTTP redirect is 301 - can we change it or add headers?

Hi all,

We are using Caddy’s automatic HTTPS support as follows: {
    proxy / localhost:8080

Our production setup is more complex, but this is the essence of it. This works fine, but the automatic redirection sends a 301 redirect which we’d like a little more control over. Specifically:

The documentation is not clear on this point and I couldn’t find where in the source this magic happens. Does anyone have any suggestions?


- Bob -

I think I found the line of code that is responsible for the 301 redirect - seems there’s no way for it to be anything other than http.StatusMovedPermanently (301) -

There aren’t any directives that modify the redirection behaviour of Automatic HTTPS. You should be able to split up your site into two vhosts for fine-grained control of the redirection process, though. It would look something like this: {
    redir /{uri} 302 
    header / Cache-Control "max-age=3600"
} {
    proxy / localhost:8080

This is the correct answer. :+1:

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