Automated Caddy reverse proxy for docker containers

I was using Caddy for almost two month now. It proved to be awesome and super simple.
But I was lacking support for dynamic docker (or swarm) backend. So, I have created a tool called caddy-gen.

It is a standalone image which could be included into your docker-compose file. It consists of three main parts:

  • Caddy obviously
  • docker-gen to listen to docker events and regenerate configuration based on these events
  • forego to handle two processes in the same container

Check it out: GitHub - wemake-services/caddy-gen: Automated Caddy reverse proxy for docker containers

It is still in its early days. So. Any feedback is welcomed!

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I did something remarkably similar, seems like we have similar taste in naming conventions!

I think your template is much neater than mine, though. My version is pretty opinionated towards my own requirements.

Your looks good as well. I will definitely take some ideas!
For example, from the template file. go template syntax is a big struggle for me.

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