Authorization options and setup? Existing Plugin vs Pomerium

I just came across pomerium. Nginx | Pomerium and they have instructions for nginx (yuck) but not caddy (they need a pr)

I also just realized there is this newish caddy plugin.

So anyone tried to integrate pomerium as a plugin or used this other existing one?

Can either of these maintain a users database? Just a total noob on this. I know I want to do this to many of the sites I reverse proxy that don’t have good (or no) built in user authentication so just looking to spark a conversation about these maybe other approaches and how to implement them. I’ll report back after I’ve investigated more but if you have experience please chime in.

We’re looking into setting up a mechanism similar to Traefik’s ForwardAuth in Caddy soon; see Traefik Ingress | Pomerium, it’ll work more similarly to this once Caddy has support for forward_auth.

Some discussion going on here (Authelia is another similar auth app): Authelia + Caddy v2 Configuration? · Issue #1241 · authelia/authelia · GitHub

Not that I know of, because Caddy hasn’t had a compatible mechanism for integrating with it yet.

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