Authelia-like 2FA TOTP guide for beginners

I use docker-caddy-proxy and I am very happy with it, switched from Traefikv2, for a homeserver scenario. But the only thing missing is TOTP support. I understand Authelia is not an option since it relies on something from nginx. But is there a guide (for beginners) on how to use compatible 2FA/TOTP solutions at all with Caddy v2?

The most complete auth solution for Caddy thus far is:

Edit (April 2022): Since this is a popular post, see here for progress on Authelia + Caddy:

I have seen that, but it seems to be targeted to developers to implement/support their apps that run behind caddy proxy. It is not similar to traefik+authelia where an end user can simply add a bunch of complex labels to docker compose.
After scanning the documentation again, I see no point where I could start to make out a guide to enable 2FA for a certain subdomain.

That’s actually exactly what it is. The portal provides a UI for auth, then the jwt plugin is what acts as the gate for your app once authenticated.

I’ve come across this repository when doing a Google search for caddy authelia. I have not tested it but it looks pretty promising.
@francislavoie would it ever be possible for this to get added to the plugin page, or would the original author need to move it out of WIP stage?

The author needs to register it themselves on the site by making and account and claiming the plugin as theirs.

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Ok thanks, but for a beginner/noob, this is really not an option. There is no step by step guide.

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