Apilayer acquisition

First of all thanks to @matt and everyone else for creating an improving Caddy. It is a phenomenal web server and reverse proxy, and makes everything else a chore to use and secure by comparison.

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Ardan Labs announced the acquisition of Caddy by Apilayer via a press release on August 27, 2020. Congratulations for continuing to find a way to sustain the development of this critical piece of software infrastructure.

Does this in any way affect the vision outlined in the Proposal: Permanently change all proprietary licensing to open source #2786 and Final update on GitHub?

I’m asking in an effort to better understand what is meant by “acquisition” in this context. Does this mean the Caddy Copyright or Trademark (currently owned by Light Code Labs) is being transferred to Apilayer, or is the main change that Apilayer is taking on the stewardship role that Ardan Labs has been providing over the past year?

Hi @djds, welcome to the forum! Thanks for the remarks.

I’ll be posting an announcement here soon with more information when I have a chance. To answer your questions though:

No; that was unrelated. The licensing is not changing.

Yes (trademark).

No, Ardan Labs is still the exclusive support provider; businesses should still get contracts through Ardan for support.


So, essentially Apilayer has just bought the name Caddy from you?

Wow, @matt. Thanks for the quick and detailed reply. I am happy and relieved to hear that Caddy will continue to be available for securing both public and private network infrastructure. :lock:

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