Anyone familiar with reverse proxying Synology apps?

Everything works just fine when accessing from a desktop computer, or web browser.

The mobile apps are hit or miss however. (iOS)

Drive - Works
Momens - Works
Chat - Works
DS Get - Does not work.
DS File - Does not work

DS Get and DS File both fail to connect with the Failed to connect to disksation error

Below is the lines from my caddy config file.

    dsm.domain.tld {
      proxy / {
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anybody? I cant be the only person who owns a Synology and uses Caddy.

In-fact i even had it working about 2 years ago, unfortunately I don’t have my old caddy file to reference.

I’ve seen a few people around here that use Synology, even helped a couple, but they might not be regulars watching these forums.

What ports do DS Get and DS File use? A few images of the login screen on Google indicate alternate ports - 5005 or 5016 are a few examples I saw.

I ended up solving the problem. I’ll outline what I did so if anyone else comes across this they can get up and running easily.

I started out by manually putting port :443 At the end of my url and poof it worked! So apparently ports 5000 and 5001 are hard coded into the older apps.

But that’s not the answer, no one sets up a reverse proxy only to still have to type in port numbers manually. So the solution is really simple. Just forward port 5001 to port 443 on your reverse proxy server. And bam, it works just fine.

As as a side note you should not bother forwarding port 5000 as that’s the Un-encrypted http port, which isn’t safe and defeats the purpose of using a reverse proxy like caddy.

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you could also do this, FYI:

:5000 {
    redir 301 {

cool. I did not know that.

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