Anybody using wildcard SSL with Namecheap on Caddy?

I’m interested to switch two of my sites to Caddy 2 but these use wildcard domains registered with Namecheap.

Is it possible to configure Caddy 2 to handle automatic wildcard SSL certificate renewal for domains on Namecheap?

Welcome Csaba –

Yep, Caddy supports the DNS challenge (which is required for wildcard certificates if using Let’s Encrypt) for 75+ DNS providers: How to use DNS provider modules in Caddy 2

Did you manage to achieve this? :slight_smile: If so, how?

@nikola I know you’re not asking me, but that link I posted above is the answer.

Thanks, Matt!

My bad - I wasn’t looking at it tbh :grimacing:

I’m investigating :slight_smile:


Did you get this working?

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