Ansible and Caddy 2

Hi caddy community,

I did an Ansible Role that installs Caddy 2 on Linux. It currently works for Debian Buster. I will extend it to other distros:


Galaxy repository

Feedback are welcome!

Thanks, Jacobo


Cool! Thanks for making this. Is this something you’d be willing to maintain? If so, we could add it to our community-contributed distributions on our install page: Install — Caddy Documentation

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Hi @matt,

Yes. I am willing maintain it. My plan is to extend support to Fedora, not only Debian based distros.

Thanks, Jacobo

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I added Ubuntu and Fedora support :grinning:

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Could you add Arch Linux support too? Looks like Caddy 2 finally made it into the official repos:

UPDATE: OK, you have to enable the Community-Testing repo in order to install the package, otherwise it works as expected. Hopefully it will get out of testing soon, and then you can get rid of that step.


Hi @skyfaller!

I will follow up it. I have not experience with Arch. Can you help me to test in near future ?

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