Analyzing Caddy's log files real time with GoAccess?

I’m trying to setup GoAccess for real time web log analyzing. Unfortunately, the documentation isn’t very helpful (at least for me, that is).

I’ve got GoAccess up and running and can look at real life data in a terminal, but setting up a HTML page is beyond my understanding. I’m running GoAccess with goaccess /var/log/caddy/access.log --real-time-html -o /var/www/report/report.html -p /etc/goaccess/goaccess.conf. In my Caddyfile I’ve set up as a site, and the first look at report.html with a browser populates the page with a nice visualization of the data from my Caddy logs.

So far, so good, but the difficulty is that I can’t find out how to make this static page to a real life one. GoAccess sets up a websocket server on port 7890 to deliver the data stream from the logs, and here is the point where I don’t know how to proceed. I tried various variations with the proxy directive, but nothing worked so far.

Has someone got GoAccess working with Caddy? Here is an example with a nginx configuration, but I can’t translate this into a Caddyfile.

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Hi, here’s an example of Caddy and GoAccess that I’ve been using for months and it works well.