All of a sudden domain can not connect to caddy server

Hi there :slight_smile:
until yesterday I’ve been running Caddy server without any issues.
In fact when a friend showed me caddy server, I thought wow, thank gawd!

But yesterday something strange happened.

I was attempting to proxy an OWIN Self Hosted Server API Endpoint through Caddy.

Once I realized I needed to do some more work on my API Endpoint I removed the proxy line from the Caddyfile.

Now, my domain does not resolve to my Caddy Server, despite the settings being literally the same as before I experimented with an API endpoints through Caddy.

My question is: By starting and stopping the Caddy Server Process, would this reach some kind of threshold, where Caddy might break due to too many requests for SSL Certs from Let’s Encrypt?

Should I post my Caddyfile?

Unfortunately, I also host a proxy server, and website for my home business, and it is currently down! Uh oh!.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I upgraded to the most recent release of Caddy Server yesterday.

We’re gonna need some more information. What’s the error message? What’s in your logs (the whole logs)? And yes, please post your entire, unmodified Caddyfile.

This would be a DNS misconfiguration, which is not related to Caddy.

Yes, always follow the recommendations when testing and developing so you don’t run into rate limits.

Thank you matt for the quick reply.

I’ll most certainly post my Caddyfile when I return from work.

But, I have a feeling I’ve hit rate limits, and that is the problem.

thanks for the link too, I’ll be sure to place ‘-CA’ in the command line when I start testing endpoints again.

I wonder how long it’ll be down for.

If you’ve hit rate limits, there’s nothing you can do with those domains for 1 week. Just have to wait it out.

Well, some great news!
I’m not exactly sure what happened but caddy is all of a sudden serving up my index.html (my site).
It must be a ‘ghost in the machine’.

However, my proxy server is not working.

This is a log from when I attempt to access the proxy: - - [11/Sep/2017:17:34:32 -0400] "GET /css/style.css HTTP/2.0" 304 0 - - [11/Sep/2017:17:34:32 -0400] "GET /js/jquery.mmenu.min.all.js HTTP/2.0" 304 0 - - [11/Sep/2017:17:34:32 -0400] "GET /js/bootstrap.min.js HTTP/2.0" 304 0 - - [11/Sep/2017:17:34:32 -0400] "GET /js/svgicons.js HTTP/2.0" 304 0 - - [11/Sep/2017:17:34:32 -0400] "GET /js/jquery.js HTTP/2.0" 304 0 - - [11/Sep/2017:17:34:32 -0400] "GET /js/scripts.js HTTP/2.0" 200 22216 - - [11/Sep/2017:17:34:32 -0400] "GET /css/font-awesome.min.css HTTP/2.0" 200 31000 - - [11/Sep/2017:17:34:33 -0400] "GET /css/jquery.mmenu.all.css HTTP/2.0" 200 24058 - - [11/Sep/2017:17:34:33 -0400] "GET /css/animate.css HTTP/2.0" 200 55844 - - [11/Sep/2017:17:34:33 -0400] "GET /css/bootstrap.min.css HTTP/2.0" 200 99961 - - [11/Sep/2017:17:34:34 -0400] "GET /img/StaticSnow.png HTTP/2.0" 304 0 - - [11/Sep/2017:17:34:35 -0400] "GET /fonts/fontawesome-webfont.woff?v=4.7.0 HTTP/2.0" 304 0 - - [11/Sep/2017:17:34:35 -0400] "GET /emby/Users/Public?val=name HTTP/2.0" 200 16630 - - [11/Sep/2017:17:34:36 -0400] "GET /img/background.jpg HTTP/2.0" 200 1239786 - - [11/Sep/2017:17:34:37 -0400] "HEAD /img/background@2x.jpg HTTP/2.0" 200 0 - - [11/Sep/2017:17:34:37 -0400] "GET /img/background@2x.jpg HTTP/2.0" 304 0 - - [11/Sep/2017:17:35:04 -0400] "GET /emby HTTP/2.0" 302 0 - - [11/Sep/2017:17:35:05 -0400] "GET /emby/web/index.html HTTP/2.0" 200 2270 - - [11/Sep/2017:17:36:11 -0400] "GET /emby/web/index.html HTTP/2.0" 200 2270 - - [11/Sep/2017:17:36:26 -0400] "GET /js/jquery.mmenu.min.all.js HTTP/2.0" 304 0 - - [11/Sep/2017:17:36:26 -0400] "GET /js/bootstrap.min.js HTTP/2.0" 304 0 - - [11/Sep/2017:17:36:26 -0400] "GET /css/style.css HTTP/2.0" 304 0 - - [11/Sep/2017:17:36:26 -0400] "GET /js/jquery.js HTTP/2.0" 304 0 - - [11/Sep/2017:17:36:26 -0400] "GET /js/svgicons.js HTTP/2.0" 304 0

Also my Caddyfile:  {

    timeouts none

    mailout /mailout {
        subject         "Subscription Request for Home Media Server"
        body           email.txt

        username        ""
        password        "xxxxxx"
        port            587

        ratelimit_interval 24h
        ratelimit_capacity 100

   proxy /emby localhost:8096 {
    # Optional security headers
    header / {
	Strict-Transport-Security "max-age=31536000;"
	Referrer-Policy "strict-origin"
	X-XSS-Protection "1; mode=block"
	X-Content-Type-Options "nosniff"
	X-Frame-Options "DENY"

    # Optional logging
    log EmbyProxy.log


I’m not worried about people seeing my domain name here, it’s all behind a Sha1 encrypted login so what ever.

So I wonder why the proxy seems broken? It looks like it’s return 200 OK, but then the proxy times out.

I’ll be damned, as I wrote that response, the proxy started working.

Now I’m ever more confused… But back in business, so thanks for the fantastic dev help here!

Great job!

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