Airflow with docker compose in specific path

Hi, I have this docker compose file in my ubuntu machine

and created the Caddyfile {

  tls /etc/caddy/ssl/merc-reports_cert.pem /etc/caddy/ssl/merc-reports.key

  redir /(.*) /flow/$1
  reverse_proxy airflow-webserver:8080


I intend airflow to be shown in /flow/ not in the root directory. But when I execute this I get the error:

Airflow 404
Page cannot be found.

Is it possible to help how to define the caddy file?

I’m guessing that this app is not expecting to be served on /flow/?

It’s possible that it might function if you strip the /flow/ path from the URI before proxying the request to Airflow. It’s also possible that it might “work” but with errors - missing assets like images, JavaScript and the like. I wrote a bit about this particular class of issue:

If you want to try stripping the path and see if that works, you can use something like the example at the top of that post, using handle_path to take care of it.

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