Adding Plugins to an existing Caddy install

Apologies if this has been asked countless times, or is a bit obvious. But, I’ve not found a clear answer.

If I where to install Caddy using the following command:
curl | bash -s dyndns

And then, at a later date I wished to add some plugins to the established install, would running:
curl | bash -s dyndns,http.awses,http.awslambda

Keep my existing install intact and just add the requested plugins?


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Hi @Psybernoid,

On *nix systems, running this command will replace the Caddy binary on disk, but won’t do anything to the running process (it will keep serving your site(s) until you take it down) or to your Caddyfile / configuration.

Once the binary is replaced, it’s up to you to shut Caddy down and start it again with the new binary, or you can signal it with USR2 for Caddy to gracefully reload itself with the new binary (e.g. pkill -SIGUSR2 caddy).

Ok, that makes perfect sense. Thanks

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