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Hurricane electric is considering dynamic updation of TXT RRs but it isn’t implemented right now. However, a PR for DNS has been merged with go-acme. When would we see this in caddy?

Hi @Strykar, if there’s currently no open issue on the repo requesting this, you can open a feature request at GitHub - caddyserver/dnsproviders: OBSOLETE: DNS providers adapted for use in Caddy to solve the ACME DNS challenge - for Caddy v1 only. See caddy-dns for v2. so that contributors and developers can track it.

@Whitestrake I had opened an issue before creating this post -

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Ahh, excellent.

To answer your question - no idea. The main developer is pretty deep in Caddy v2 development at the moment and Caddy v1 feature requests in particular are low on the priority list. That said, porting lego DNS providers to Caddy isn’t incredibly difficult - hopefully another contributor with time to spare can help out if they see this thread or the issue on the repo.

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Thanks, do you of any DNS provider currently supported by acme-go that uses webpage login? I could try to hack together something based on that, but I’m no programmer.

As far as I know, none of the Caddy DNS plugins actually implement any functionality, but instead wrap the functions provided by the lego DNS providers.

Also as far as I know, they all interact programmatically via an API of some kind, usually with tokens.

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