Access IP layer


Could anyone please tell me where (in which library) the IP layer is handled? Because it seems to me like the important info such as IP address and port number are extracted and forwarded but other things such as ip.length, ip.flags and ip.ttl are getting lost.

Let’s say I wanna print to the screen the TTL of the received packet (as part of caddy’s http session), where do I do it?

Waiting for your reply!

Caddy doesn’t currently expose the IP layer, but we could do this in Caddy 2. Could you open a feature request? Sign in to GitHub · GitHub - give as much detail as possible regarding what you’re trying to do or even how you’d like it to work in your config. Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

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Thanks Matt, I will.

But regardless of a Caddy option, could you tell me if there’s currently some GO flag such as GODEBUG=http2debug=2 that would print data regarding IP, TCP and\or SSL\TLS requests and responses?
Or alternatively could you guide me towards the right library (in - The Go Programming Language ?) that I could access the IP layer from? (For example change the source code of it and make it print the TLL)


Hmm seems like it’ll be impossible to expose it in Caddy?
I’m not a gopro but that sounds really weird, if anyone can verify or clarify this please do

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