503 error: too many open files


Okay so I’m not sure if this an error with the hugo add-on, or with some setting, or something. I added a new blog post and when I went to publish it, it threw this error. I don’t have config.toml open so I’m not sure why that popped up.

Any ideas how I should fix it?

Here’s a paste of the error log: 06/14/error-log - Pastebin.com

What service are you hosting it on?


Never mind. I made some changes to the Caddyfile and had to restart the server anyway.
Everything is fine now.

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Hey! It might not be a problem of Caddy-Hugo but I’ll check it out anyway. :smiley: Thanks for reporting.

Make sure your ulimit -n is high enough (16K should do it) - if you aren’t running a busy site, then it might be a bug in one of your plugins (?) that’s not closing files properly.

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