0.9.1 Hugo runtime error linux

I installed caddy from caddyserver.com, with the hugo plugin.
caddy runs fine without hugo enabled in the caddyfile
once i use hugo I get panic: runtime error: index out of range
been trying to make it work for hours now, i even destroyed my digitalocean distance and tried it out on vultr. still a no go

i looked at the other thread and there’s still no solution for me. my $GOPATH is ~/go and my $PATH is etc/environment appended with $GOPATH/bin. so i believe my paths are fine

Here’s the error in detail

$ caddy
Activating privacy features...
Your sites will be served over HTTPS automatically using Let's Encrypt.
By continuing, you agree to the Let's Encrypt Subscriber Agreement at:
Please enter your email address so you can recover your account if needed.
You can leave it blank, but you'll lose the ability to recover your account.
Email address: [redacted]
Unable to find Hugo on your computer.
Hugo installed at /[redacted]/.caddy/bin/hugo

$ caddy
Activating privacy features... done.
panic: runtime error: index out of range

goroutine 1 [running]:
panic(0xbf4b60, 0xc42000a100)
        /usr/local/go/src/runtime/panic.go:500 +0x1a1
github.com/hacdias/caddy-hugo.checkVersion(0xc42027b000, 0x15, 0x15609a0)
        /home/caddy/go/src/github.com/hacdias/caddy-hugo/installer.go:95 +0x15b
github.com/hacdias/caddy-hugo.getPath(0xc811a0, 0xc4202622a0)
        /home/caddy/go/src/github.com/hacdias/caddy-hugo/installer.go:50 +0x67c
github.com/hacdias/caddy-hugo.parse(0xc4200887e0, 0xccd3bc, 0x1, 0x530f33, 0x15ecda8, 0x1)
        /home/caddy/go/src/github.com/hacdias/caddy-hugo/setup.go:144 +0x13a
github.com/hacdias/caddy-hugo.setup(0xc4200887e0, 0x4, 0xcce38d)
        /home/caddy/go/src/github.com/hacdias/caddy-hugo/setup.go:36 +0xb7
github.com/mholt/caddy.executeDirectives(0xc420260f70, 0xcd398a, 0x9, 0x15f55e0, 0x26, 0x26, 0xc4202640c0, 0x1, 0x1, 0x0, ...)
        /tmp/custombuild_7685_123976589/src/github.com/mholt/caddy/caddy.go:557 +0x597
github.com/mholt/caddy.startWithListenerFds(0x155aec0, 0xc4202074c0, 0xc420260f70, 0x0, 0x64, 0x0)
        /tmp/custombuild_7685_123976589/src/github.com/mholt/caddy/caddy.go:455 +0x39a
github.com/mholt/caddy.Start(0x155aec0, 0xc4202074c0, 0x155aec0, 0xc4202074c0, 0x0)
        /tmp/custombuild_7685_123976589/src/github.com/mholt/caddy/caddy.go:423 +0xff
        /tmp/custombuild_7685_123976589/src/github.com/mholt/caddy/caddy/caddymain/run.go:115 +0x26b
        /tmp/custombuild_7685_123976589/src/github.com/mholt/caddy/caddy/main.go:13 +0x1b

I would really love to use hugo with caddy. thank you :slight_smile:

It still looks like its a $PATH issue to me. What do you get when you run which hugo?

In my case that output wasn’t what I was expecting and I had to add

export PATH="mypath/with/the/binary/install/hugo:$PATH"

to the file .bash_profile.

FYI, @hacdias tells me that it’s fixed but I need to update it on the build server. There are some technical complications there, and I am not sure how quickly I will be able to update it.

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I’m sorry, yall. It was my fault, I didn’t install hugo. I thought caddy-hugo would install hugo, but I found out I had to install hugo myself, oops!

I had to install hugo myself too, but I remember reading somewhere no Caddyserver site that hugo is baked into Caddy server itself. Can you please confirm if this is false @matt ?

It’s not; like the git plugin, it requires the external hugo binary to be installed in the PATH.

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