ZeroSSL Certificates

Hello guys, I’m thinking to have multiple servers running Caddy and use ZeroSSL as issuer for certificates. I would like to know if caddy downloads the certificates from ZeroSSL for every site or i need to use a custom storage.

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You should make sure all your Caddy instances use the same storage. If a Caddy instance doesn’t have a matching cert in storage, it’ll try to issue a new one. It can’t simply download an already issued cert from the issuer because it also needs the private key associated with the public key in the cert, and it can’t download that because only the Caddy server that issued the cert will have the private key. So sharing the storage is how you make sure every Caddy server is “on the same page” and uses the same keys and certs.

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And to clarify, Caddy uses both Let’s Encrypt and ZeroSSL by default. But you can limit it to use just one or the other or some other CA.

@francislavoie I will need to compile Caddy with a different storage.

@matt I’m going to use ZeroSSL with my account to manage all certificates.

Thank you guys.

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