Your building system is hanging

Hello, Your build system is hanging both on the website or from the CLI:

➜  ansible git:(update-grafana-config-for-postgres) ✗ caddy add-package                                                                                
2023/03/08 10:09:39.811 INFO    this executable will be replaced        {"path": "/usr/bin/caddy"}
2023/03/08 10:09:39.812 INFO    requesting build        {"os": "linux", "arch": "amd64", "packages": [""]}

The same is on your website, When I hit build it is doing nothing at least for 20 min.


I was about to post the same topic. It also hangs here (either from CLI or from website).

Kind regards.

Down for me also, which makes the unusable

This is caused by a bug in the go command. The Go team is aware of it, but no patch has been made yet. (I’ve been told it’s because it’s very tricky, and due to low morale within the company currently.)

My current theory: Sometimes, one go command will hang while it has a lock on the Go module cache. This causes all other go commands to deadlock while it waits for the cache to be unlocked. One of the Go team members suspects an internal race condition causing the deadlock.

We want to work around this, but we can’t know whether it’s just hung or is taking a while to download. We’ve seen legitimate builds sometimes take a half hour or more to complete, due to slow source file downloads. So we may implement a timeout, but it will break legitimate/working builds too.

Remember, our Download page comes with no guarantees or SLAs. It’s merely for convenience, especially for first-timers.

If you rely on custom Caddy builds, we recommend using xcaddy directly. (The download page is just a thin HTTP wrapper over xcaddy.)

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I don’t know but this is hilarous to me, I guess we have to use xcaddy until the morale is up again

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