Wordpress not working with Caddy Reverse Proxy

Hi Guys,

I am trying to get wordpress to work with a caddy reverse proxy.
So far everything works, but the wordpress site content is not displayed correctly.
Caddy Version 2.4.5

I used this quick install script to get Wordpress up and running:

The Site looks like this and i dont know what to do… Ive searched endlessly now…

best regards


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@PSI This is not a Caddy issue. If the five-minute WP setup wizard is run before placing WP behind any RP (not just Caddy), you will see this mixed content problem. To work around this for a new WP install, run the wizard from in front of the Caddy RP.

If this is an existing WP install, you have two options. More details can be found here New Page: How to move WordPress site from HTTP to HTTPS · Issue #19 · WordPress/Documentation-Issue-Tracker · GitHub

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